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e reset button will erase the clock setting and stored stations.) Installation Opening This unit can be installed in any dashboard having an opening as shown above.The dashboard should be 4.75mm - 5.56mm thick in order to be able to support the unit. 1.Insert mounting collar into the dashboard,and bend the mounting tabs out with a screwdriver. (Make sure that lock lever is flush with the mounting collar.Not projecting outward) 2.Secure the rear of the unit After fixing mounting bolt and power connector,fix the rear of the unit to the car body by rubber cushion. 3.Insert trimplate GB 13Specifications General Power supply:12V DC (11V-16V) Test voltage 14,4V negative ground Maximum power output:70W x 4 channels Continuous power output:28W x 4 channels Suitable speaker impedance:4-8 ohm Pre-Amp output voltage:5V (CD play mode:1kHz,0dB,10K load) Fuse:15A Dimensions (WxHxD)178 x 50 x 155mm Weight:1.7kg FM Stereo Radio Frequency range:87.5 - 108.0MHz (Europe Model) 87.5 - 107.9MHz (USA Model) Usable sensitivity:8dB Frequency response:30Hz - 15kHz Stereo separation:30dB (1kHz) Image response ratio:50dB IF response ratio:70dB Signal / noise ratio:55dB MW (AM) Radio Frequency range:522 - 1620KHz (Europe Model) 530 - 1710KHz (USA Model) Usable sensitivity (S/N= 20dB)30dB Disc Player System:Disc digital audio system Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz Signal / noise ratio:> 86dB Total harmonic distortion:Less than 0.20% (1kHz) Dynamic range:95dB Channel separation:> 60dB Components Mounting collar:1 Tapping screws M5 x 6mm4 Mounting bolt (50mm)1 Wire connector1 Removable face plate case1 Trim plate1 T-key2 Operating instructions1 Rubber cushion1 Remote controloptional Note:Specifications and the design are subject to change w...

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