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Notice d’utilisation de votre CALIBER MCD 570. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre MCD 570.

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”. TRE-CFQ (TREBLE CENTER FREQUENCY) Rotate the volume knob (8) to select the desired Treble center Frequency to 10KHz, 12.5KHz,15KHz or 17.5KHz. BALANCE Rotate the volume knob (8) to adjust the Balance between the right and left speakers from R12 (full right) to L12 (full left). FADER Rotate the volume knob (8) to adjust the Fader between the front and rear speakers from R12 (full rear) to F12 (full front). RADIO OPERATIONS BAND SELECTION At tuner mode,press button (19) “BAND” shortly to select the desired band.The reception band will change in the following order:FM1,FM2,FM3 and MW STATION SELECTION Press up or down button (20) shortly to activate automatic seek function.Press for 2 seconds until “ MANUAL” appeared on the display,the manual tuning Mode is selected.If the buttons are not touched for more then 3 seconds it automatic goes back to “AUTO SEEK” AUTOSTORE AS -Automatic Memory Storing Press func button (10) “AS/PS” longer then three seconds ,activate AS.The radio searches for the 6 strongest stations and stores them into the preset of the currently selected band. NOTE:Any stations that were previously stored in this memory bank are replaced by a new station. PRESET SCAN PS Press func button (10) “AS/PS” for less then three seconds.The unit will pause for ten seconds at each preset station.Press button (10) “AS/PS” again to stop scanning when the desired station is reached. Station store and recall Press any one of the preset buttons (12 to 17) to recall a station which had been stored in the memory.Press a preset button for 2 seconds,previous preset station is overwritten by current tuned frequency. RDS (RADIO DATA SYSTEM) OPERATIONS The RDS data are the PI,PS,TP,PTY,TA and AF data. PI:Program indentification code Code fo...

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