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hnique en France : Tél : 0899 782 728 Quick start GPS GS170 Quick start 1.2 Device features Front components Touch screen Displays the output of your device. Tap the screen with your fingertip to select menu commands or enter information. Back components Speaker Sends out music, sound and voices Reset button Restart system. Top components ON/OFF button Turns on and off the device (standby, by pressing briefly) Side components MicroSD card Slot Accepts a microSD card for accesing data such as MP3 music. Headphone connector (jack 2,5 mm) Connects to stereo headphones Mini-USB connector Connects to the USB cable. Top component 1.2 Performing the initial Start Up 1. Press the ON/OFF button for several seconds. 2. Your device will automatically turn on. Connect the car charger. 3. The opening screen appears. 4. Then, the main menu appears as shown below. You can now use your device 5. Fully charge the battery before using your device the first time. 1.3 Using your device in a vehicle A car holder and a car charger are supplied with your device. The car holder consists of a bracket and a stand. The GPS may take a few minutes to find its current location initially. Caution: Never place the holder where the driver’s field of vision is blocked, or in front of airbags. 1.4 GPS Speedcamera locator Turn your GPS into a speed camera locator. Please visit our website For full manual, please visit our website: For technical issues, please contact us on our hotline: Tel: 0899 782 728 (In France)...

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