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red.To re-start the unit you must press the “on/off” keypad again. Water Full Indicator Light (Red):When the water tank is full and/or incorrectly positioned inside the cabinet, the (water full) redlight turns on and remains on until such time the tank is emptied and/or correctly re-positioned.This condition will result in the immediate shut down of the dehumidifying system (both compressor and fan motor operation are terminated). This is a safety feature. When the watertank is emptied and/or correctly re-positioned, the dehumidifier will resume operation automatically. NOTE:It may take several minutes before operating conditions resume. Factory Default Setting:Each time the unit is disconnected/re-connected and/or in the eventof a power failure, the electronic circuit board automatically defaults to the following factory setting:Humidity Setting: 60%Fan Speed:High NOTE:In the event of a power failure, all previous settings are automatically erased/cancelled.If your program setting was different than above (default setting) it will be necessary to re-program your settings. When the unit is switched “off”manually (using the on/off keypad) theunit will always default to the last program setting that was used. WATERTANK OPERATION Proper installation of the water tank is crucial to maintaining reliable dehumidifier operation.The water tank holds accumulated condensed water and by means of a safety switch, controlsboth the water level and operation of the dehumidification process- i.e. When the water tank isfull and/or accidentally displaced inside the cabinet, the float switch actuator (inside the tank)breaks contact with the safety switch. This condition results in the immediate shut down of thecompressor and fan motor system, preventing moisture from being condens...

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