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9 5 3b 8 * Certain models only English * Nur bestimmte Modelle Deutsch ACCESSORIES AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Accessories 1 Telescopic tube 2 Hosehandle + hose 3a/3b Carpet/hard floor nozzle* 4 Crevice nozzle 5 Combination nozzle/brush 6 Dust bag, s-bag® 7 Power nozzle* 8 Parquet nozzle* 9 Easy clean* Safety precautions Oxygen+ should only be used by adults and only for normal vacuuming in a domestic environment. The vacuum cleaner features double insulation and does not need to be earthed. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Close attention is necessary when used near children. The appliance is not intended for use by young children and infirm persons without supervision. Never vacuum: • In wet areas. • Close to flammable gases etc. • Without a dust bag s-bag® to avoid damaging the cleaner. A safety device is fitted, which prevents the cover closing without a s-bag®. Do not attempt to force the cover shut. Never vacuum: • Sharp objects. • Fluids (this can cause serious damage to the machine). • Hot or cold cinders, lit cigarette butts, etc. • Fine dust, for example from plaster, concrete, flour, hot or cold ashes. The above may cause serious damage to the motor – damage which is not covered by the warranty. Electrical cable precautions: • A damaged cable should only be replaced by an authori- sed Electrolux service centre. • Damage to the machine’s cable is not covered by the warranty. • Never pull or lift the vacuum cleaner by the cable. • Disconnect the plug from the mains before cleaning or maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. • Regularly check that the cable is not damaged. Never use the vacuum cleaner if the cable is damaged. All servicing and repairs mu...

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