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LYTIC SHIELDS CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE CAUTION! 1.The hinge bow is tense with a big strength, therefore while taking out the door a special care must be taken not to cut one's own fingers. 2.During cleaning the upper wall of oven you should pay attention to electric heaters, temperature sensor and lamp of oven illumination; do not change position of sensor setting. 3.Do not pour water onto the bottom of oven otherwise it may trickle through some possible leakage and get on the lower heater. In order to replace the side catalytic shields, first disassemble both sets of the guides. Disassembling the guides: -slightly press the upper bar of the ladder 1 down and release is from the blocking nut 2, (fig. 14a), -turn the guides 4 towards inside of the oven and remove them from the holes (fig. 14b), -remove catalytic shields 3. Clean the ladder guides with a sponge or brush using dish washing agent. After cleaning, take all actions in the reverse sequence to disassembly. 5.4.3 CLEANING OF THE CHAMBER INTERIOR •After removing all catalytic shields you can clean the inside of the chamber •Clean the enamelled surfaces with agents intended for cleaning the kitchen. •In order to clean stubborn baked stains you can use a special cleanser intended for oven cleaning. As these detergents are caustic, you should use them in minimal amount and with a great caution, observing the recommendations of detergent manufacturer. "In order to make cleaning of the oven interior easier, you can switch on the lamp. In order to do it, set the function selection knob to any function and the temperature control knob in "0" position. The lamp will remain lit. "In order to clean glass cover of the lamp (item 1 in fig. 15), unscrew it, wash in warm water and deter-gent, dr...

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