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nstallation 07 notice dual monitor gb.indd 7notice dual monitor gb.indd 728/09/06 17:14:1928/09/06 17:14:193.2 - Route the low-level audio cables (RCA cable, coaxial and/or optic cable), the loudspeaker cables, the POWER REMOTE cable, as well as the controller cable, ensuring to isolate them from powerful automobile accessories, particularly electric motors (windshield wiper,…). Keep the whole length of the cables, which will be adjusted later on. NOTE: The FP Dual Monitor amplifier has three types of input connectors for feeding the low level signal from the source to the amplifier. It is possible to connect all the connectors between the source and the amplifier. The selection of the type of connectors to feed the low level signal will be done later on while setting up the parameters of the amplifier with the Focal Dual Manager software. The COAXIAL and OPTICAL digital inputs only accept the signal in SPDIF format. 3.3 - Route the positive power cables (+). Make sure when doing so to route them opposite the cables that you have previously drawn – this is to avoid any interference. DO NOT CONNECT THE CABLE YET. 3.4 - Get hold of the negative power cable. This cable should be as short as possible and ideally should not be any longer than 1 metre, to ensure effective coupling between the amplifier and the car’s chassis. The cable and its wire gauge should comply with the table on page 7. Find a suitable ground point (fig. 4), then sand it to remove any traces of paint or other covering and in so doing optimise the contact point. Pierce the metal that you have previously sanded, making a hole the same size as the screw you are using, making sure that there are no tank cables or any other sensitive vehicle devices nearby. Remove the...

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