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tion suits you best then follow the instructions below. Option 1 Waste pipe connection (waste trap) Fit the hooked end support to the outlet pipe. Position at least 800mm off the floor. After removing the blanking plug or cutting the membrane from the waste system securely fix the outlet pipe to the drainage system, using a hose clip. Secure the hooked end support up to at least 800mm to avoid water being drawn back into the machine. 10 All machines are tested with water prior to leaving the factory so a small amount of water may remain in the drum and drain hose. Flooding could occur if any part of the installation is not completed correctly. 800 mm hose clip hooked end supportsink flexible discharge hose trap with hose adaptor 40002952Eng.qxd 18/04/2005 19:40 Page 10Option 2 Into a standpipe Ensure that the standpipe is not located near an electrical socket. Fit the hooked end support to the outlet pipe. Install the hose into the standpipe ensuring that the pipe is at least 500mm from the floor. Insert the outlet pipe approximately 100mm into the standpipe. Moving the machine into position Your machine is heavy so care must be taken when moving it. We recommend that two people move the machine to avoid strain and possible injury. ?Take care not to damage flooring when moving the machine. ?When moving the machine to its final position take care not to kink or damage the hose at the back of the machine. Adjusting the feet Once the machine is in place the feet should be adjusted to ensure that the machine is level. If the machine is not level it may become noisy or move. Adjust the feet on the front corners of the machine until the machine is firm and level. When the machine is firm and level, tighten the locking...

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