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the spindle from its supports in the printer. How do I unload a roll of paper? Page 10 Wednesday, June 16, 2004 2:26 PMHP Designjet 110plus/110 plus nr printer—Quick Reference Guide 11 How do I replace ink cartridges? 1.Open the front hinged flap at the right of the printer. 2.For each ink cartridge that needs to be replaced: •Gripping it by its shorter top edges, lift the ink cartridge vertically up and out of the printer. •Lower the new ink cartridge into its slot until it clicks into place and is quite secure. 3.Finally close the outer flap. Page 11 Wednesday, June 16, 2004 2:26 PMHP Designjet 110plus/110 plus nr printer—Quick Reference Guide 12 1.Try pressing the OK key (the upper right key) on the printer’s front panel. If this doesn't solve the problem… 2.Turn off the printer. 3.Remove all media from the tray. Pull out any paper that is visibly stuck. 4.Lift the top cover and pull out any paper that may be stuck. Be careful when you lift the cover not to damage or disturb any of the tubes or other internal parts of the printer. 5.Remove the rear path carefully by pressing the buttons on each of its sides and pulling it straight out. If you don’t pull it straight out, you may damage the paper sensor. Removing the rear path gives access to the inside of the printer from the rear. Pull out any paper that may be stuck inside or is accessible from the rear. Replace the rear path and make sure it fits securely. 6.Turn on the printer. 7.We recommend that after clearing a paper jam you align the printheads to avoid problems of poor print quality. To align printheads, start HP Designjet System Maintenance (see page16) and select Align printhead. Rear path The problem is a paper jam QR...

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