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tected dur- ing this initial use is due to the evaporation of substances used to protect the oven during storage and until it is installed. Attention: Only use the bottom shelf of the oven when using the rotisserie to cook (where present). For all other types of cooking, never use the bottom shelf and never place anything on the bottom of the oven when it is in operation because this could damage the enamel. Always place your cookware (dishes, aluminium foil, etc. etc.) on the grate provided with the appliance inserted especially along the oven guides. N.B.: Should the appliance be equipped with an electronic programmer, to use the electric oven, just press buttons  and  at the same time (the  symbol will appear on the display) before selecting the desired cooking function. Door lock device (only present on some models) Some models are equipped with a “door lock” device situated between the control panel and the oven door. To open the door, lift up device “A” indicated in the figure. The Oven Control Knobs The “7 Programms” oven combines all the advantages of traditional “static” ovens with those of modern “ventilated” ones. The”7 Programms” oven is extremely versatile and offers 7 different but sure and easy ways of cooking. Use the knobs to select the different cooking functions available on the “7 Programms” oven: L - selector knob; M - thermostat knob. When the selector knob is on any other setting than that identified by the “o”, the oven light turns on. The setting identified by the  symbol makes it possible to turn the oven light on without having any of the oven heating ele- ments on. When the oven light is on, it means that the oven is in use, and it will remain on for the entire time the oven is being used. 1.Convec...

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