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vel of the table (and everyone in the room can see the screen). If the projector is mounted on a ceiling, it must be mounted upside-down so that it projects at a slightly downward angle. You can see from the diagram on page 12, that this type of projection causes the bottom edge of the projected image to be vertically offset from the horizontal plane of the projector. When ceiling mounted, this refers to the top edge of the projected image. If the projector is positioned further away from the screen, the projected image size increases, and the vertical offset also increases proportionately. When determining the position of the screen and projector, you will need to account for both the projected image size and the vertical offset dimension, which are directly proportional to the projection distance. InFocus has provided a table of 4:3-aspect-ratio screen sizes to assist you in determining the ideal location for your projector. There are two dimensions to consider, the perpendicular horizontal distance from the center of the screen (projection distance), and the vertical offset height of the projector from the horizontal edge of the screen (offset). 4:3 aspect image in a 4:3 aspect display area 16:9 aspect image scaled to a 4:3 aspect display areaPositioning your projector11 How to determine the position of the projector for a given screen size 1.Select your screen size. 2.Refer to the table and find the closest match to your screen size in the left columns labelled "4:3 screen diagonal". Using this value, look across this row to the right to find the corresponding average distance from screen value in the column labelled "Average". This is the projection distance. 3.On that same row, look across to the right column and make n...

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