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Notice d’utilisation de votre JVC KD-G161. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre KD-G161.

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reverse the track To go to the next or previous tracks EN06-11_KD-G162_1[EX_EU]f.indd 9EN06-11_KD-G162_1[EX_EU]f.indd 910/18/05 4:45:25 PM10/18/05 4:45:25 PM10 ENGLISH Sound adjustments You can select a preset sound mode suitable to the music genre (C-EQ: custom equalizer). 1 2 Indication (For) BASTRELOUD (bass)(treble)(loudness) USER (Flat sound)0000OFF ROCK (Rock or disco music)+03+01ON CLASSIC (Classical music)+01–02OFF POPS (Light music)+04+01OFF HIP HOP (Funk or rap music)+0200ON JAZZ (Jazz music)+02+03OFF Adjusting the sound You can adjust the sound characteristics to your preference. 1 2 Indication, [Range] BAS*1 (bass), [–06 to +06] Adjust the bass. TRE*1 (treble), [–06 to +06] Adjust the treble. FAD*2 (fader), [R06 to F06] Adjust the front and rear speaker balance. BAL (balance), [L06 to R06] Adjust the left and right speaker balance. LOUD*1 (loudness), [LOUD ON or LOUD OFF] Boost low and high frequencies to produce a well-balanced sound at low volume level. VOL (volume), [00 to 30 or 50*3] Adjust the volume. *1 When you adjust the bass, treble, or loudness, the adjustment you have made is stored for the currently selected sound mode (C-EQ) including “USER.” *2 If you are using a two-speaker system, set the fader level to “00.” *3 Depending on the amplifier gain control setting. (See page 12 for details.) Preset values Ex.: When “ROCK” is selected EN06-11_KD-G162_1[EX_EU]f.indd 10EN06-11_KD-G162_1[EX_EU]f.indd 1010/18/05 4:45:26 PM10/18/05 4:45:26 PM11 ENGLISH IndicationsSelectable settings, [reference page] DEMO Display demonstration DEMO ON : [Initial]; Display demonstration will be activated automatically if no operation is done for about 20 seconds, [5]. DEMO OF...

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