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ation Sequential Memory) •Manual preset of both FM and AM stations FM station automatic preset: SSM You can preset 6 local FM stations in each FM band (FM1, FM2 and FM3). 2 1 F1 (FM1) F2 (FM2) F3 (FM3) AM SSM “SSM” appears, then disappears when automatic preset is over. FM/AM EN06-09.KD-SX979R[E]/f00.1.20, 1:27 PM78 ENGLISH Manual preset You can preset up to 6 stations in each band (FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM) manually. EXAMPLE:Storing an FM station of 88.3 MHz into the preset number 1 of the FM1 band 3 2 1 1Select the FM1 band. 2Tune into a station of 88.3 MHz. See page 6 to tune into a station. 3Press and hold the number button (in this example, 1) for more than 2 seconds. 4Repeat the above procedure to store other stations into other preset numbers. Notes: •A previously preset station is erased when a new station is stored in the same preset number. •Preset stations are erased when the power supply to the memory circuit is interrupted (for example, during battery replacement). If this occurs, preset the stations again. FM/AM Band/preset number and “MEMO” flash alternately for a while. EN06-09.KD-SX979R[E]/f00.1.20, 1:27 PM89 ENGLISH Tuning into a preset station You can easily tune into a preset station. Remember that you must store stations first. If you have not stored them yet, see pages 7 and 8. 1Select the band (FM1, FM2, FM3 or AM) you want. 2 Select the number (1 – 6) for the preset station you want. F1 (FM1) F2 (FM2) F3 (FM3) AM FM/AM When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive: Press MO RND (Monaural/Random) while listening to an FM stereo broadcast. The sound you hear becomes monaural but reception will be improved. To restore the stereo effect, press the same button again. Lights up when receiving a...

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