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example, during battery replacement). If this occurs, preset the stations again. “P1” flashes for a few seconds. Tuning in to a preset station You can easily tune in to a preset station. Remember that you must store stations first. If you have not stored them yet, see “Storing stations in memory” on pages 9 and 10. 1Select the band (FM1 – 3, AM). 2Select the number (1 – 6) for the preset station you want. FMFM1FM2FM3 AMAM EN07-10_KS-FX483R[E_EX]f.p6512/4/02, 11:21 AM1011 ENGLISH RDS OPERATIONS What you can do with RDS RDS (Radio Data System) allows FM stations to send an additional signal along with their regular programme signals. For example, the stations send their station names, as well as information about what type of programme they broadcast, such as sports or music, etc. Another advantage of RDS function is called “Enhanced Other Networks.” By using the Enhanced Other Networks data sent from a station, you can tune in to a different station of a different network broadcasting your favorite programme or traffic announcement while listening to another programme or to another source such as tape. By receiving the RDS data, this unit can do the following: •Tracing the same programme automatically (Network-Tracking Reception) •Standby Reception of TA (Traffic Announcement) or your favorite programme •PTY (Programme Type) search •Programme search •And some other functions Tracing the same programme automatically (Network-Tracking Reception) When driving in an area where FM reception is not good, the tuner built in this unit automatically tunes in to another RDS station, broadcasting the same programme with stronger signals. So, you can continue to listen to the same programme in its finest reception, no matter where y...

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