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( 50) q • Displays <Open/Tilt> screen. ( 8) • Ejects the disc and display <Open/Tilt> screen. (Hold) • Closes the monitor panel if pressed when the panel is open. w Monitor panel Display <AV Menu> screen, ( 13) Display the <Source Menu> screen, ( 8) Display the Short Cut icons, ( 8) USB cable from the rear of the unit, ( 43, 50) EN_KW-AVX820[E]_1.indb 6EN_KW-AVX820[E]_1.indb 609.1.12 1:30:44 PM09.1.12 1:30:44 PM7INTRODUCTIONS ENGLISH *1 This adjustment does not affect the volume level of the other sources. *2 Available sources depend on the external components you have connected, media you have attached, and the <Input> settings you have made. ( 18) *3 Available display information varies among the playback sources. *4 The screen will turn on again: – When you touch the touch panel – When you press TP/PTY, DISP, iPod , or – When a call/SMS comes in (for Bluetooth cellular phone) – When the signal from the rear view camera comes in You can also adjust the volume by moving your finger on the touch panel as illustrated. Button illumination • Turned off: When no operation is done for about 10 seconds. • Turned on again: – When you touch the touch panel or move your hand nearby (depending on the <Illumination> setting). ( 18) – When you use the remote controller. – When a call/SMS comes in (for Bluetooth cellular phone). • Always turned on: – When <AV Menu> screen is displayed. ( 13) – When <Source Menu> screen is displayed. ( 8) – When <Open/Tilt> screen is displayed. ( 8) – When <Illumination> is set to <Normal>. ( 18) Caution on volume setting: Digital devices (CD/USB) produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing these digital...

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