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ArtisanLong dough cycle for preparation5:154:39- doughof Artisan doughs 12 jamFor making jams1:25-20 13 pizza doughPizza dough recipes1:301:14- 14 bakeBake only feature. Can also be0:10 - 1:30-60 used to rewarm or crisp loaves already baked and cooled. Use timer buttons to change time required. rapid bakeProduces loaves of bread in under0:58-60 button1 hour. Loaves require warm water, extra yeast and less salt. delay timer The Delay timer allows you to delay the bread making process up to 15 hours. The delayed start cannot be used with the “RAPID BAKE” program or programs (7) to (13). IMPORTANT: When using this delayed start function you must not use perishable ingredients – things that ‘go off’ easily at room temperature or above, such as milk, egg, cheese and yoghurt etc. To use the DELAY TIMER simply place the ingredients in the bread pan and lock the pan into the bread maker. Then: ?Press the MENU button to choose the required program – the program cycle time is displayed. ?Select the crust colour and size required. ?Then set the delay timer. ?Press the (+) TIMER button and keep pressing until the total time required is displayed. If you go past the required time press the (-) TIMER button to go back. The timer button when pressed, moves in 10 minute increments. You do not need to work out the difference between the program time selected and the total hours required as the bread maker will automatically include the setting cycle time. Example:Finished loaf required at 7am. If the breadmaker is set up with the required recipe ingredients at 10pm the evening before, total time to be set on the delayed timer is 9 hours. ?Press the MENU button to choose your program e.g. 1 and use the (+) TIMER button to scroll the time in 10...

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