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Notice d’utilisation de votre KETTLER Golf. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre Golf.

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h due care by an adult person. If in doubt call upon the help of a second person, if possible tech- nically talented. Please note that there is alwaysa danger of injury when working with tools or doing manual work. Therefore please be careful when assembling this machine. Ensure that your working area is free of possible sources of danger, for example don’t leave any tools lying around. Always dispose packaging material in such a way that it may not cause any danger. There is always a risk of suffocationif children play with plastic bags! The fastening material required for each assembly step is shown in the diagram inset. Use the fastening material exactly as instructed. The required tools are supplied with the equipment. Bolt all the parts together loosely at ?rst, and check that they have been assembled correctly. Tighten the locknuts by hand until resis- tance is felt, then use spanner to ?nally tighten nuts com- pletely against resistance (locking device). Then check that all screw connections have been tightened ?rmly. Attention: once locknuts have been unscrewed they no longer function cor- rectly (the locking device is destroyed), and must be replaced. To pull off the pedal arms remove cap and screw (A). Grip the pedal arm tightly, and screw in an M12 bolt (not supplied) into the thread (B). After a few turns you may take off the pedal arm (C). For technical reasons, we reserve the right to carry out preliminary assembly work (e.g. addition of tubing plugs). Please keep original packaging of this article, so that it may be used for transport at a later date, if necessary. Handling the equipment Before using the equipment for exercise, check carefully to ensure that it has been correctly assembled.  Before beginning your ?r...

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