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wine from leaking. 5. Assemble the dispenser-trigger(part3) inserting a nitrogen capsule in the receptacle provider for this purpose, and tighten until the capsule is pierced and a hissing sound is heard( as the nitrogen is let out). 6. Insert the dispenser-trigger(part 3) in the hole found in part 1 7. Press the dispenser-trigger to serve the required amount of wine. Note: Note: It is important to press the dispenser-trigger slowly so that no wine is spilled. Please take the following into account: The”La Sommeliere” dispenser for serving wine by the glass has been designed to preserve and maintain the quality of a bottle of wine once it has been uncorked, so that it can be used for several days without losing any of its qualities. The acting principle is simple: the action of nitrogen as an inert component prevents oxidation. The dispenser acts like a siphon: nitrogen is injected into the bottle when the lever is pressed down, pushing the wine out of the hollow tube, Lightly press the trigger so that on nitrogen is wasted, the nitrogen fills the empty part of the bottle, replacing the oxygen found inside. Each nitrogen capsule is sufficient for approximately two 0.75L bottles of wine. The first bottle must be replaced when empty, but there is no need to change the capsule. Once the nitrogen capsule is assembled within the unit it cannot be removed,if the cover is unscrewed, The nitrogen is lost. Nitrogen capsules can be purchased form any national hotel trade supplier. Each individual dispenser is supplied with 6 capsules, in addition to the capsule that is already fitted a delivery....

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