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remove the bottles. Clean your wine cooler once every two months. Clean the inner and outer surface with a damp cloth. If the wine-cooling is very dirty ,clean it with a neutral detergent first, then use clean cloth to wipe off the detergent. Care of plastic parts. Care of plastic parts.Care of plastic parts. Care of plastic parts. Be careful to protect the sealing rubber of the door,it should be kept clean at all time. If the plastic parts in wine cooler remain contaminated by oil(animal or vegetable) for a long time ,they will and crack easily,please clean them regularly. NOTES: Be sure to disconnect the wine cooler from the power supply before cleaning. Do not sprey water on the wine cooker. Do not use these items to clean the wine cooler: hot water,diluent,petrol,alcohol,kerosene,washing powder,cleanser,alkaline detergent,acid,chemical cloth,etc. TROUBLETROUBLETROUBLETROUBLE SHOOTINGSHOOTINGSHOOTINGSHOOTING You can solve many common problems easily,saving you the cost of a possible service call.Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling for help. Wine cooler does not operate. Not plugged in. The circulit breaker tripped or fuse blown. Wine cooler is too cold. Check to be sure the temperature control setting is at “4O”. External environment may require a higher setting. The door is opened too often. The door is not closed completely. The door gasket does not seal properly. The wine cooler does not have the correct clearances at the back. The defrosting water overflows inside the wine cooler and onto the floor. Check if the drain pan is full. Sound of flowing liquid. It is the sound of refrigerant flowing, not a fault. The cabinet side panel heat up. I...

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