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has been inserted upside down, or discs that do not conform to the Compact Disc standard. Also, the unit might not play discs that are scratched, soiled or carry ?ngerprints. 4. 3” (8cm) CDs can be played without an adaptor. RCD100SPIM.indd 812/03/2007 14:50:09Copyright © Lexibook 2007 ENGLISH 9 POSSIBLECAUSE Station not tuned properly for AM or FM. FM: Wire antenna is not extended. AM: The bar antenna is not positioned correctly Unit not in RADIO function mode. Volume set at minimum. Unit not in CD function mode. CD is installed incorrectly. It the CD is self-compiled, the media used may not be compatible with the player. Batteries become exhausted Disc is dirty or scratched. Dirty or defective disc Dirty pick up lens Player is subject to excessive shock or vibration Batteries become exhausted SOLUTION Retune the AM or FM broadcast station. FM: Extend FM Telescopic antenna. AM: Reposition the unit until the best reception is obtained. Slide Function Selector to RADIO position. Increase Volume. Select CD function mode. Insert CD with label side up. Use better quality blank media and retest. Replace all batteries with new ones. Wipe CD with clean cloth or use another disc. Clean or replace the defective disc Use a CD-lens cleaning disc to clean the lens Relocate the player away from shock or vibration Replace all batteries with new ones. SYMPTOM Noise or sound distorted on AM or FM broadcast AM or FM no sound CD player will not play CD skips while playing Intermittent sound from CD Player Sound distorted TROUBLE SHOOTING If you experience dif?culties in the use of this music system please check the following. WARRANTY This product is covered by our 2-year warranty. To make u...

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