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e Tuning </>to tune the radio or change an audio setting. When tuning the radio, after 12 seconds the clock display reverts to normal and the program display shows the tuning details. With all other audio sources, the program display clears after 12 seconds. To save any audio as a new setting, press and hold a PRESET. Wait 5 seconds until sound is restored. When saving a radio setting, the tuning details show on the program display. Note: You wake toPRESET 1when you chooseWAKE AUDIO(see Alarm options). Volume The default volume level is 4, maximum is 12. Previous volume setting will be saved for next use (unless this is 0, when the default is used). When adjusting the volume, the volume indicator shows on the program display: Use Volume -/+to adjust volume. After 12 seconds the volume bar reverts to program display. To turn off the sound, use either Volume -or press Aonce/twice. | lumie careline 01954 780500 | 15 English Snooze For a few extra minutes in bed! Instead of turning off the alarm, use Lamp -to turn off the light. The light will gradually brighten again over 9 minutes. Any extra alarm or audio options will also repeat. OR pressLamp -just once to leave the light on. Any extra alarm or audio options will repeat in 9 minutes. 6Audio features Bodyclock Elite comes with AM and FM radio and 12 integral Meditainment features to help you wake up and sleep. You also have the option of listening to your own MP3 files via an SD card or by connecting to an external audio source. Audio options (default settings): FM radio - 89.1 MHz BBC Radio 2 AM radio - 909 KHz BBC Radio 5 DAWN CHORUS– 12 Meditainment sleep/wake features (MP3) SD CARD- listen to your own MP3 files EXTERNAL AUDIO- connect to anot...

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