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t necessary to shut down the UPS to install the communications card.Page 16 - 34007115EN/AA 12 %% 3. Operation 3.1 Start-up 15 16 17 Press the ON / OFF button 15 . The buzzer beeps and all the LEDs come ON. The buzzer beeps twice during the self-test, then button 15 remains ON, indicating that the outlets are supplied with power. - AC power is present: Only button 15 is ON. The protected equipment is supplied by the AC-power source. - AC power is absent: Button 15 and LED 16 are ON. The protected equipment is supplied by the UPS, operating on battery power. All the connected equipment is supplied with power. 12 %% 3.2 Shift to booster or fader mode (during voltage variations in the AC-input power) 21 The booster and fader functions maintain the output voltage supplied by the UPS within close tolerances around the rated value even if significant voltage variations occur in the AC-input power. This avoids calling on battery power. The values defining the voltage range may be set using the UPS Driver software. During operation in booster or fader mode, LED 21 is ON, signalling a significant voltage variation in the AC-input power. If button 15 or LED 16 are not ON or if LED 17 is ON, there is a fault (see section 4.1). Note: The battery is charged as soon as the UPS is connected to the AC-power source, even if button 15 is in the OFF position.34007115EN/AA - Page 17 12 %% 12 %% 3. Operation 3.3 Operation on battery power (following failure of AC-input power) Transfer to battery power The AC-input power is out of tolerances, LED 16 goes ON. During operation on battery power, the buzzer beeps every ten seconds. The equipment connected to the UPS is supplied by the battery. Threshold for the low-battery warning...

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