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mozna zmieniac baterie nie tracac swoich ustawien. FOREWORD Thank you for choosing a universal Metronic re- mote. We are confident you will be fully satisfied with this product. Models ZAP 2 to 6 enable to ma- nage 2 to 6 appliances: TV, Satellite receiver (SAT), Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), DVD recorder or HIFI system, DVB-T (TNT) according to models. After inserting the 1.5V AAA batteries (not included) in the remote, you can set up the remote for each ap- pliance that you wish to control. The universal Me- tronic remote has been conceived to control most products of each brand. This is why you have the choice between 2 types of set ups : by Brand code or by automatic search. In the set up details below, we use a TV as example. In order to set up the remote for your VCR or satellite receiver, replace ‘TV’ with ‘VCR’ or ‘SAT’. After you have set up the remote, simply press the TV, SAT, VCR etc key to select the appliance you wish to control. A - Set up by brand code 1 - Switch on your TV. 2 - Look up in the following pages the codes that correspond to the brand of your TV (i.e. for AEG, you should try the code 0540, then 1423 if the first code does not work, and finally 0513 if none of the two first codes work). 3 - Press the SET and TV keys together for a few seconds until the light switches on. If you wait too long before pressing another key, the remote will go into standby and the light will switch off. You should then start at Step 3. 4 - Enter one of the 4-digit Brand codes. After each digit, the light will briefly switch off. It will switch VOORWOORD Wij bedanken u om een universele afstandsbedie- ning Métronic gekozen te hebben en zijn overtuigd die zij u gehele tevredenheid zal geven. De ZAP...

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