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signal never has to travel to the front panel for switching, as with traditional amplifier designs. Getting to the infinitesimal levels of noise and distortion of the M3 requires very careful circuit layout, as only tiny changes in the signal path can have large effects on performance. Keeping signal paths as short as possible is also greatly aided by the use of SMD (miniature surface mount) components and multi-layer PCBs (circuit boards). LUXURIOUS STYLING AND INTELLIGENT CONTROLThe design brief reads: "The industrial design must create a physical presence that is powerful, dynamic, and solid, yet refined and elegant". We wanted a design that will still look fresh and new a decade from now, a design with classic proportions and understated details. We also wanted an amplifier that was not only easy to operate, but also very flexible and complete in its control options. Unlike many high performance amplifiers, the M3 includes a full suite of convenience features. Speaker switching for two pairs of speakers and very flexible tone controls are provided, as is a Zone 2 output with its own independent set of commands and dedicated ZR3 remote control. Front panel controls use a multi-function knob and buttons to quickly navigate all amplifier functions. All operating conditions are clearly displayed on a 2 line dot matrix VFD display. Direct access is available to many functions via the M3 remote handset. The M3 handset also features basic controls for the matching NAD DVD/SACD player. Performance features include a multi-stage precision volume attenuator with 0.5dB steps and a range of 87.5dB, a remote balance control with 0.5dB steps, and a Mode control that allows stereo, left only, right only, and mono settings. Tone controls offer bass...

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