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can also be performed by shaking the Nunchuk. Player 2’s Controls Activate a object If you turn off the sound on your Wii Remote, it will come out of your TV instead. This game is normally played with one player, but if you have two Wii Remotes, you can play with two players. One player will control Mario while the other will collect Star Bits (P20), stop enemies in their tracks, and help out the other player. Player 2 can even make Mario jump by pointing at him. Player 2 needs only the Wii Remote. +Control Pad HOME Button * For more information, please see your Wii System Operations Manual. B Button Shoot a Star Bit while aiming with the pointer Confirm Collect Star Bits Point at Star Bits to grab them. Shoot Star Bits Press to shoot a Star Bit in the direction you are pointing. Stop an Enemy Point at an enemy and press to stop their movements. * This does not work on some enemies. Make Mario Jump Point at Mario and press to make him jump. Make Mario Spin Point at Mario in midair and press to make Mario spin. Powerful Jump Point at Mario and press at the same time as Player 1 to make Mario jump very high. Point like this. P2’s PointerP1’s Pointer You can check controls for on the file-selection screen (P8). About Saving Correctly insert the Super Mario Galaxy Game Disc into the disc slot on your Wii console. The power on the Wii will turn on. When the screen on the right appears, read all of the information there and press . Point at the Disc Channel on the Wii Menu Screen and press . Wii Menu Screen The Channel Preview Screen will appear. Select Start and press . Channel Preview Screen The Wrist Strap Reminder Screen will appear. When you are ready, press . A message will appear that...

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