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indicator [] Record mode indicator [K] Fast playback indicator [J] Slow playback indicator [] Segment repeat playback indicator* 3 Guide indicator 4 Character information display Recording level meter 5 Battery indicator 6 Erase lock indicator 7 Current file number * For VN-6500PC only. Inserting Batteries (Fig. 1) 1 Lightly press down on the arrow and slide the battery cover open. 2 Insert two size-AAA alkaline batter- ies, observing the correct polarity. 3 Close the battery cover completely. • When the HOLD switch is set to the direction of the arrow, the display is turned off after [HOLD] is displayed. Follow the next step without regard to it. An optional Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (BR401) from Olympus can be used for the recorder. Replacing Batteries: When [N] appears on the display, replace the batteries as soon as possible. Size-AAA alkaline batteries are recommended. When the batteries are depleted, [O] appears on the display, and the recorder shuts off. • To replace the battery, make sure that you set the HOLD switch to the opposite direction of the arrow before replacing. Power Supply (Fig. 2) Power on: Slide the HOLD switch in the direction op- posite that indicated by the arrow. Power off: Slide the HOLD switch in the direction indicated by the arrow while the recorder is not in operation. Standby Mode and Display Shut Off: If the recorder is stopped for 5 minutes or longer during recording or playing, it goes into Standby (power-save) mode, and the display shuts off. To exit Standby mode and turn on the display, press any button. Setting Time and Date [TIME] (Fig. 3) When you install batteries for the first time or each time you replace the batteries, the “Month” indication will flash...

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