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t the corresponding letter for the required contacts. If your contacts have more than one phone number, press the scroll wheel again to access the numbers and then the green button to call. To view your call records, press the rotary button. All the calls made, missed and received are displayed. (*) These features depend on your phone. Notice 5100 Zone C 03.01.06.qxp 10/01/2006 16:58 Page 8MENUS Pressing the Menu button opens the Settings menu. You can fully use all the car stereo's features and define the audio settings, backlight and all the Bluetooth® features. You can browse through the menus using the scroll wheel. Pressing the scroll wheel opens the selected menu, allowing you to make any required adjustments to the selected feature. TUNER : Some information about RDS: - The RDS (RDS Scan) option displays the radio station's name and searches for alter- native frequencies if the reception signal fades. This feature is also called "RDS Alternative Frequencies (AF)". - Once enabled, the "RDS Region" feature keeps the settings of the current station when searching for alternative frequencies. For example, a radio station broadcasting local programmes to a specific region will not be replaced by the same station broadcasting national programmes when searching for alternative frequencies. - The "Traffic Program" indicator (RDS TP) determines whether the radio station can broadcast traffic information. - If the "Traffic Alert" feature (RDS TA) is enabled and the current station can broad- cast traffic information ("Traffic Program" indicator enabled), the car stereo automati- cally switches to Tuner mode when traffic information is broadcast. - If the "Traffic Alert" feature is enabled and the current station does not broadcast tra...

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