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switch turns on the mains power to the amplifier. When the mains power is applied, there is a three-second delay in activation of the unit. This reduces/eliminates the turn-on transients associated with the system equipment connected to the amplifier and protects loudspeakers. (6)CIRCUIT BREAKER There is one circuit BREAKER on the PV®amplifier. This breaker is provided to limit current to the associated power transformer, and protect it from overheating and possible destruction due to fault conditions in the unit. The trip current values have been carefully chosen to allow reasonable continuous power output performance, while still protecting the power transformer. This breaker should not trip unless there is a fault in the amplifier circuitry that causes excessive mains current draw. However, abnormal conditions such as a short circuit on either or both channels, or continuous operation at overload or clipping (especially into 2-Ohm loads per channel or 4-Ohm bridge load) can cause the breaker to trip. If this occurs, turn the POWER switch OFF and reset the breaker, after waiting a brief period of time to allow the unit to cool down. Efforts should be made to correct the cause of the overload if possible. When tripped, the button on the BREAKER will be outward approximately 1/4" and can be reset by pushing inward and upward. Anormal reset button is relatively flat. If the breaker trips instantly each time you attempt to turn the unit on, it should be taken to a qualified Peavey Service Center for repair. 1234432156 BACK PANELFEATURES (7) IEC MAINS CONNECTOR This isa standard IEC power connector. An AC mains cord having the appropriate AC plug and ratings for the intended operating voltage is included in the carton. U.S. DOMESTIC AC MAINS...

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