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nging curtains and clothes (jackets, suits, coats), hold the iron in vertical position (Fig. 12). 2 Press the steam activator. Variable steam & steam lights (GC7330/GC7240/GC7230 only) The appliance has two steam settings: low and high (see chapter ‘Using the appliance’, section ‘Steam ironing’). When the steam tank is ready for steam ironing, the steam light of the selected steam setting stops ?ashing and is on continuously (Fig. 13). ’Water tank empty’ light (GC7330/GC7240/GC7230 only) When the water in the water tank runs low during use, the ‘water tank empty’ light goes on (Fig. 14). 1 Re?ll the water tank (see chapter ‘Preparing for use’, section ‘Re?lling the water tank’). Steam boost (GC7240 only) Never direct the steam at people. The powerful steam boost helps to remove stubborn creases. 1 Set the temperature dial to a position between 3 and MAX. , , , - - , ENGLISH10 2 Press the steam boost button (Fig. 15). Note: Some water droplets may occasionally come out of the soleplate when you use the steam boost function. To prevent this, always use the steam function before you use the steam boost function. Cleaning and maintenance Iron Let the appliance cool down suf?ciently before you clean the iron.Never immerse the iron in water nor rinse it under the tap. 1 Clean the iron with a damp cloth. 2 Wipe scale and any other deposits off the soleplate with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive (liquid) cleaner. Rinsing the steam tank Let the appliance cool down suf?ciently before you remove the Calc-Clean rinsing cap. Rinse the steam tank once a month or after you have re?lled the water tank 10 times. 1 Empty the water tank by pouring the water into the sink (Fig. 16). 2 Turn the cord storage hook anticlockwise (1)...

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