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Receiver too far away from Move closer for reception transmitter Transmitter other than Make use of the SHC8525 SHC8525 is usedtransmitter provided.Some transmitters already built into other equipment may not be compatible with the SHC8525 headphone because of the advanced technologies used. ENGLISH9 SHC8525 16-12-2005 12:17 Pagina 910ENGLISH No sound The energizing docking stationIf you want to enjoy music with (multiple does not transmit audio signalother Philips wireless headphones or headphones or when charging is taking place.speakers which is compatible with Philips wireless Therefore other Philipsthe SHC8525 docking station, speaker)headphones or wireless speaker be sure to remove the SHC8525 cannot receive any signal,headphone from the docking station. even if they are compatible with the SHC8525 docking station. Technical specifications* Transmitter System:Radio Frequency (RF) Modulation:Frequency Modulation (FM) Pilot Tone:19kHz Carrier Frequency:(/00 & /05)Channel 1:863.5MHz Channel 2:864MHz Channel 3:864.5MHz Radiated Output Power<10mW Effective Transmission RangeUp to 100m **,omni directional (360°) Input Level:500 mV Power supply:12 Volts/ 200mA DC,center positive; type number:SBC CS030/00 (/05 for UK,Ireland) Headphone Reception Frequency:(/00 & /05)863MHz – 865MHz S/N ratio:> 70dB (1kHz sine wave,A-weighted) Distortion:=2% THD Channel Separation:=30 dB Audio frequency range:20-20,000 Hz Power Supply:2 x R03/AAA rechargeable batteries (Philips,NiMH,type number: SBC HB550S,partnumber 996500015757) Battery Life Time:~ 15 hours *)All specifications are subject to change **)Depending on ambient conditions SHC8525 16-12-2005 12:17 Pagina 10European Regulations Hereby,Philips Consumer Electronics,B.U.P...

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