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ion of the DJM-700-S/ DJM-700-K can be output in MIDI signal format, allowing a component supporting MIDI control to be controlled via MIDI. Other functions •A control cable can be used to connect the unit to a Pioneer DJ CD player, thus allowing playback to be linked to operation of the fader (“fader start play”). •Built-in “3-band equalizer” supports level control within the range of +6 dB to –26 dB in each bandwidth. •“Cross fader assignment” function allows each channel’s input to be assigned flexibly to a cross fader. •“Talk over” function automatically lowers track volume during microphone input. •“Fader curve adjustment” function allows modification of the cross fader and channel fader curves. 01_DJM-700_En.book4???2007?7?10? ??? ??8?41? CONNECTIONS 5 En English CONNECTIONS CONNECTION PANEL 1POWER switch 2BOOTH monitor output connectors RCA-type booth monitor output jack. The sound level from these connectors is controlled independently by the BOOTH MONITOR LEVEL dial, regardless of the position of the MASTER LEVEL dial. 3Recording output connectors (REC) RCA type output connectors for recording. 4PHONO input connectors RCA type phono level (MM cartridge) input connectors. Do not use for inputting line level signals. 5LINE input connectors RCA type line level input connectors. Use to connect a cassette deck or other line level output component. 6CD input connectors RCA type line level input connectors. Use to connect a DJ CD player or other line level output component. 7CONTROL connectors Ø3.5 mm mini-connector. Use to connect to the control connector of a Pioneer DJ CD player. When the connectors are connected, the DJM-700-S/D...

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