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Notice d’utilisation de votre PIONEER GM-6100F. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre GM-6100F.

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the terminal. •Fix the wires securely with the terminal screws. WARNING Failure to securely fasten the battery wire to the ter- minal using the terminal screws could cause the ter- minal area to overheat and could result in damage and injury including minor burns. Engine compart- ment Interior of the vehicle Drill a 14 mm hole into the vehicle body.Insert the O-ring rubber grommet into the vehicle body. Positive terminal GND terminal Power terminal Battery wire System remote control terminal System remote control wire Ground wire Twist Battery wire Ground wire Lug Lug Fuse (30 A) Fuse (30 A)8 ENGLISHESPAÑOLDEUTSCHFRANÇAIS ITALIANONEDERLANDS Connecting the Speaker Output Terminals 1.Expose the end of the speaker wires using nippers or a cutter by about 10 mm and twist. 2.Attach lugs to speaker wire ends. Lugs not supplied. •Use pliers, etc., to crimp lugs to wires. 3.Connect the speaker wires to the speaker output terminals. •Fix the speaker wires securely with the termi- nal screws. 10mm Twist Speaker wire Lug Speaker output terminal Terminal screw Speaker wire Using the Speaker Input Connect the car stereo speaker output wires to the amplifier using the supplied speaker input connector. •Do not connect both the RCA input and the speaker input at the same time. 7Connections when using the speaker input Speaker output Car Stereo Speaker input connector To speaker input termi- nal of this unit. Green/black: CH B, Left ? White/black: CH A, Left ? White: CH A, Left + Gray/black: CH A, Right ? Violet/black: CH B, Right ? Violet: CH B, Right + Gray: CH A, Right + Green: CH B, Left +Connecting the Speakers and Input wires The speaker output mode can be four-channel, three-channel (stereo + mono) or...

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