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the Power light goes off it indicates that the thermostat too is off. Leave it in this position. e. When the room temperature falls below the required level the power light will illuminate again and the heater will start running. f. The thermostat switches itself on and off keeping the room temperature at the desired level. When this device is overheated it is automatically turned off by a special security system. Unplug the device and let it cool down before activating it again. NOTE : The oil heater will operate differently according to the size of the room in which it is used. (If it is used in a very large room, the gap between the set temperature and the actual temperature of the room could be quite substantial). WARNING: - ALWAYS SWITCH OFF AND UNPLUG THE HEATER (button on 0 position + thermostat on minimum position) BEFORE CLEANING OR SERVICING. - NEVER IMMERSE THE UNIT IN WATER 18 CLEANING : 1. Switch off and unplug the heater , wait 5-10 minutes for the unit to cool down. 2. Using a soft cloth, clean the body of the heater carefully. Never use alcohol , solvents, acids like vinegar or abrasives. STORAGE : Pack the heater and those instructions in the original packing. Store in a dry place. TECHNICAL DATA : NDB-09S Dimensions 460x150x570mm Net Weight 10.8 kg Voltage 220-240V Input voltage 2000 W  Characteristics prone to change without notice warranty : The warranty is valid for 2 years for a « manufacturing fault ». To benefit from the warranty, please return the device to your dealer with POSTAGE PAID along with the document of purchase proof specifying the date of purchase. Removal of used domestic appliances European directiv...

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