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r version of HDMI mode is connected to the TV. If such a problem occurs, ask the manufacturer of the external device about the HDMI version and, if out of date, request an upgrade. xBe sure to purchase a certified HDMI cable. Otherwise, the picture may not display or a connection error may occur. xA basic high-speed HDMI cable or one with ethernet is recommended. This product does not support the ethernet function via HDMI. HDMI OUT DVI OUT AUDIO OUT R-AUDIO-L W R HDMI connection HDMI to DVI connection [PD550-ASIA]BN68-03454A-01Eng.indb 82011-03-14 ?? 1:10:33English - 9 Using a Component (up to 1080p) or an Audio/Video (480i only) ?When connecting to AV IN, the color of the AV IN [Y/VIDEO] jack (green) will not match the video cable (yellow). ?To obtain the best picture quality, the Component connection is recommended over the A/V connection. AUDIO OUT R-AUDIO-L PRPBY COMPONENT OUT AUDIO OUT R-AUDIO-L VIDEO OUT Component connection AV connection [PD550-ASIA]BN68-03454A-01Eng.indb 92011-03-14 ?? 1:10:33English - 10 Connecting to a PC and Audio device ¦Available devices: digital audio system, ampli?er, DVD home theatre, PC Using an Optical (Digital) or an Audio (Analogue) Cable Connection ?DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) xWhen a digital audio system is connected to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack, decrease the volume of both the TV and the system. x5.1 CH (channel) audio is available when the TV is connected to an external device supporting 5.1 CH. xWhen the receiver (home theatre) is set to on, you can hear sound output from the TV’s optical jack. When the TV is receiving a DTV signal, the TV will send 5.1 CH sound to the home theatre receiver. When the source is a digital component such as a DVD / Blu-ray...

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