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red transmitter and the RI 150 stethoset receiver. A typical area of application is cordless sound transmission from mono television sets. IS 300 Infra-red stereo sound transmission. This system consists of the TI 300 infra-red transmitter and the RI 300 stethoset receiver. A typical area of application is cordless sound transmission from stereo television sets or hi-fi systems. Other applications are also conceivable, such as connection to CD players, multimedia computers, telephone etc. This manual describes both product variants. There is no difference in operation between the mono and stereo systems. Sennheiser: Additional information Your local Sennheiser dealer will be happy to provide you with information on the extensive range of Sennheiser products. He has a variety of printed materials on Sennheiser products. For up-to-date information on Sennheiser products, you can also visit the Sennheiser WWW site at “”.14 Advantages With cordless sound transmission via a stethoset receiver, you can be independent of cables. Only you can hear the television sound, and you can decide the volume yourself without disturbing others! According to present scientific knowledge, sound transmission by infra- red light poses no risk to health whatsoever. High reception reliability due to the carrier frequencies of 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz. Fluorescent tubes and digital controls do not use this frequency range. Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear - the receiver weighs only 45 g, including the rechargeable accuplug. Replaceable ear-cushions of silicone rubber which are kind to the skin. Mains connection via plug-in mains unit. The transmitter thus remains small and unobtrusive. If you take your system to a country with...

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