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Notice d’utilisation de votre SENNHEISER RS 65. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre RS 65.

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g process. BA 151 spare accupack When the headphones’ accupack is going flat (noise, interference and distortion are sure signs of a flat accupack), recharge the accupack. After an initial charging of 24 hours, the normal charging time is 14 hours. A fully charged accupack has an operating time of more than four hours. Place the discharged accupack in the charging compartment at the back of the transmitter and use the spare accupack in the meantime. Additional BA 151 spare accupacks can be charged via the L 151-2 charger (available from your specialist dealer). Before disposing of an old and exhausted accupack, make sure that it is totally discharged by using it until the device switches off. To protect the environment, only dispose of totally exhausted accupacks. Sound Retrieval System (SRS) This device is equipped with SRS, a system that creates a full bodied three dimensional sound image from a stereo signal. You can switch SRS ON and OFF by pressing the SURROUND button on the transmitter. Additional information The audio transmission technology used with this device is basically that of a radio. According to today’s scientific knowledge, the radio waves emitted by this device are not harmful to humans or animals. ATTENTION: LISTENING AT HIGH VOLUME LEVELS FOR LONG PERIODS CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR HEARING. This device has been designed for use with stereo devices. For connection to mono devices, please use a stereo to mono jack plug available from most audio accessory shops. Use a soft cloth or, if necessary, a damp wash-leather for cleaning the devices. Do not use aggressive cleansing agents. is a trademark of SRS Labs, Inc. Seite 9 Dienstag, 18. Mai 2004 2:09 14Wireless RS 65-10 English Varnish or fu...

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