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ß3,5 mm-Stereo-Klinkenstecker Eingangsempfindlichkeittyp. 80 mV, automatischer Regelverstärker Gewicht / Maßeca. 170 g ohne Netzteil / 134 x 87 x 33 mm EMPFÄNGER RR 2400 Geräuschspannungsabstand > 65 dB(A) Maximaler Schalldrucktyp. 110 dB Stromversorgungdurch Akku BA 151, 2,4 V Stromaufnahme / Betriebszeittyp. 20 mA / ca. 4 Stunden mit einem Akku Gewichtca. 45 g incl. Akku LIEFERUMFANG1Sender TR 2400-8 1Empfänger RR 2400-8 1Akku BA 151 1länderspezifisches 12 V DC-Steckernetzteil für 230, 120 oder 240 V Netzspannung 1Audio-Anschlußkabel mit Adapter 3,5 / 6,3 mm Klinke 1Bedienungsanleitung 1Antennenhalterung 2Ersatzohrpolster13 RS 2400 Thank you for choosing Sennheiser! We have designed this product to give you reliable operation over many years. Please take a few moments to read these instructions carefully, as we want you to enjoy your new Sennheiser product quickly and to the full. AREA OF APPLICATION With the RS 2400 stethoset receiver system you can listen to high-quality stereo TV sound without disturbing others. The RS 2400 has been specially designed for this purpose but can also be used with any other sound source fitted with a headphone socket. FEATURES Lightweight stethoset receiver, comfortable to wear Ease of use Receiver powered by environmentally friendly NiMH rechargeable accupack Volume can be set directly on the receiver Transmitter with special charging compartments for simultaneously charging an accupack inserted in the receiver and an additional spare accupack Plug-in mains unit available for different mains voltages Transmitter with special AF input filter to protect against interference14        SYSTEM COMPONENTS AND OPERATING ELEMENTS15 WIRELESS RF TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY With this...

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