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cape Function When an error or something uncontrollable occurs during transaction entry and you cannot keep the customer waiting, press etwice (following cwhen in the error state). You can escape the situation and finalize the transaction as a cash sale at that time. Transaction entries until then are registered. A102_01(E) 05.4.18 9:06 AM Page 45 Preparing the Cash Register In order for your cash register to operate properly, you must reset it before programming for the first time. Follow this procedure. 1.Insert the mode key into the mode switch and turn the key to the REG position. 2.Insert the plug into the AC outlet. Abuzzer will sound three times. IMPORTANT: This operation must be performed without batteries loaded. 3.The register display should now show “0.00”. 4.Press xto confirm the clock starts from “0-00”. 5.Press cto cancel the time display. Please do the following before using the register for the first time. Step 2 Reset the Cash Register For installing the cash register, find a stable surface near an AC outlet where the cash register will not subject to water sources or direct sunlight, then install the register using the fixing angle bracket provided with the register. The fixing angle bracket prevents the register from moving when the drawer opens. By hooking the register on the bracket, you can secure the register to the position. Follow the procedure shown below for the installation. How to install the fixing angle bracket 1.Thoroughly clean the location where the fixing angle bracket (B) is to be placed. 2.Peel off the adhesive tape on the fixing angle bracket. 3.Hook the angle bracket onto the hook (A) that is located at the bottom rear of the register. 4.Firmly stick the fixing angle bracket to the table surfa...

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