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temperature has been reached. ¦The fully automatic No Frost system ensures that the freezer compartment remains free of ice. Defrosting is not required. ¦The sides of the housing are sometimes heated slightly. This prevents condensation in the area of the door seal. ¦The appliance features door ventilation to prevent a partial vacuum in the freezer compartment and to ensure that the appliance door can be opened easily at any time. 1Temperature display Indicates the set temperature of the freezer compartment. 2Alarm display Lights up if the freezer compartment becomes too warm. It goes out when the freezer compartment has reached the set temperature. 3Display super freezing Illuminates when super freezing is on. 4Temperature selection button The required temperature is set with this button. 5“super” button To switch on super freezing function. See chapter entitled “Super freezing”. 6Alarm button Used to switch off the warning signal, see chapter “Alarm function”. 7On/Off button Serves to switch the whole appliance on and off.en 9 Setting the temperature Fig. " Freezer compartment The temperature can be set from –16 °C to –26 °C. Keep pressing temperature selection button 4 until the required freezer compartment temperature is set. The value last selected is stored. The set temperature is indicated on display 1. We recommend a factory setting of –18 °C in the freezer compartment. Alarm function Switching off the warning signal Fig. " Press the “alarm” button 6 to switch off the warning signal. Door alarm The door alarm switches on if an appliance door is left open for longer than one minute. Close the door to switch off the warning signal. Temperature alarm The tempera...

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