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housing (Fig. 1.3). Systems Available Venting Outdoors The air is vented outdoors through a duct which must be connected to the exhaust opening K (Fig. 5) by means of the flange H. The diameter of the exhaust duct must be exactly the same as that of the flange. Air Recirculation —The air is cleaned by means of charcoal filters and then circulated back into the room. —The use of a charcoal filter is necessary when the hood cannot vented outdoors either because ducting is not available or cannot be installed. —The filtered air is returned from atop the cabinet through a duct that passes through the cabinet itself.The diameter of the duct must be the same as that of flange H (Fig. 5). The deflector J can be fixed to the outlet hole using the two screws provided (Fig. 4). To fit or replace a carbon filter: a.Request a charcoal filter from the retailer, specifying the model and type of hood. Caution! Some charcoal filters come covered with a plastic film to protect their filtering properties. If this is the case, remove the film before installing the filter. b.Remove the pull-out drawer completely. c.Remove the grease filters or the grates. d.Place the activated carbon filter in position: 1)Version with one motor: insert the filter in its housing over the plastic grill and rotate it until it locks in position (Fig. 6). 2)Version with two motors: to assemble the filter, insert it in its seating and fix it in position using the clips L (Fig. 7) e.Remove the grease filters or grills To remove the carbon filter, follow the procedure described in item 1) or 2), depending on the version) in the reverse order. Installation When installed, the distance between the hood and burners must be not less than 43 cm for electric burners or 65 cm fo...

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