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and stores them in the order of their frequency. 1Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select the radio. 2Press (MODE) repeatedly to select the band. 3Press (MENU), then press either side of (PRESET) repeatedly until “BTM” appears. 4Press (ENTER). A beep sounds when the setting is stored. Notes •If only a few stations can be received due to weak signals, some number buttons will retain their former settings. •When a number is indicated in the display, the unit starts storing stations from the one currently displayed.11 Receiving the stored stations 1Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select the radio. 2Press (MODE) repeatedly to select the band. 3Press the number button ((1) to (6)) on which the desired station is stored. Tip Press either side of (PRESET) to receive the stations in the order they are stored in the memory (Preset Search function). If preset tuning does not work Press either side of (SEEK) to search for the station (automatic tuning). Scanning stops when the unit receives a station. Repeat until the desired station is received. Tips •If automatic tuning stops too frequently, turn on the Local Seek to limit seek to stations with stronger signals (page 19). •If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, press and hold either side of (SEEK) to locate the approximate frequency, then press (SEEK) repeatedly to fine adjust to the desired frequency (manual tuning). If FM stereo reception is poor Select monaural reception mode (page 19). The sound improves, but becomes monaural (“ST” disappears). Storing only the desired stations You can manually preset the desired stations on any chosen number button. 1Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select the radio. 2Press (MODE) repeatedly to...

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