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Notice SONY CDX-RA650 disponible gratuitement après inscription

Accédez à la notice du SONY CDX-RA650 en adhérant à la communauté.

Notice d’utilisation de votre SONY CDX-RA650. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre CDX-RA650.

Notices - manuels - modes d'emploi disponibles pour SONY CDX-RA650 après inscription au groupe d'entraide

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Stage, etc., is displayed, and when playing WMA, WMA tag is displayed. To change display items C, press (DSPL); scroll display items C, press (SCRL) on the card remote commander or set “Auto Scroll on” (page12). Tip Displayed items will differ, depending on the disc type, recorded format and settings. For details on MP3/ WMA, see page14; ATRAC CD, see page15. Repeat and shuffle play 1During playback, press (3) (REP) or (4) (SHUF) repeatedly until the desired setting appears. *1When an MP3/WMA is played. *2When an ATRAC CD is played. To return to normal play mode, select “Repeat off” or “Shuffle off.” Radio Storing and receiving stations Caution When tuning in stations while driving, use Best Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an accident. Storing automatically — BTM 1Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until “TUNER” appears. To change the band, press (MODE) repeatedly. You can select from FM1, FM2, FM3, MW or LW. 2Press and hold (BTM) until “BTM” flashes. The unit stores stations in order of frequency on the number buttons. A beep sounds when the setting is stored. Storing manually 1While receiving the station that you want to store, press and hold a number button ((1) to (6)) until “MEM” appears. The number button indication appears in the display. Note If you try to store another station on the same number button, the previously stored station will be replaced. Tip When a RDS station is stored, the AF/TA setting is also stored (page9). Receiving the stored stations 1Select the band, then press a number button ((1) to (6)). Tuning automatically 1Select the band, then press the M>/.m control up or down to search for the station. Scanning stops when the unit receives a station. Repeat this procedure until t...

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