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Notice d’utilisation de votre SONY DSC-RX100. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre DSC-RX100.

Notices - manuels - modes d'emploi disponibles pour SONY DSC-RX100 après inscription au groupe d'entraide

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Charge lamp lights orange, and charging starts. •Turn off the camera while charging the battery. •You can charge the battery pack even when it is partially charged. •When the Power/Charge lamp flashes and charging is not finished, remove and re-insert the battery pack. Power cord (Mains lead) For customers in the USA and Canada For customers in countries/ regions other than the USA and Canada Power/Charge lamp Lit: Charging Off: Charging finished Flashing: Charging error or charging paused temporarily because the camera is not within the proper temperature rangeGB11 GB •If the Power/Charge lamp on the camera flashes when the AC Adaptor is connected to the wall outlet (wall socket), this indicates that charging is temporarily stopped because the temperature is outside the recommended range. When the temperature gets back within the appropriate range, the charging resumes. We recommend charging the battery pack in an ambient temperature of between 10°C to 30°C (50ºF to 86ºF). •The battery pack may not be effectively charged if the terminal section of the battery is dirty. In this case, wipe any dust off lightly using a soft cloth or a cotton swab to clean the terminal section of the battery. •Connect the AC Adaptor (supplied) to the nearest wall outlet (wall socket). If malfunctions occur while using the AC Adaptor, disconnect the plug from the wall outlet (wall socket) immediately to disconnect from the power source. •When charging is finished, disconnect the AC Adaptor from the wall outlet (wall socket). •Be sure to use only genuine Sony brand battery packs, micro USB cable (supplied) and AC Adaptor (supplied). xCharging time (Full charge) The charging time is approximately 155 min. using the AC Adaptor (su...

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