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foreign object into the remote casing, particularly when replacing the batteries. •Do not expose the remote sensor to direct sunlight or lighting apparatuses. Doing so may cause a malfunction. •If you don’t use the remote for an extended period of time, remove the batteries to avoid possible damage from battery leakage and corrosion. S-LINK CONTROL A1 L R LINE OUTIN DIGITAL OUTIN2IN1 OPTICAL IN COAXIALOPTICALCOAXIAL OUT (ANALOG) DIGITAL OPTICAL OUT DIGITAL OPTICAL IN / ç ç REC OUT TAPE/MD IN ç ç ç ç DIGITAL COAXIAL IN DIGITAL COAXIAL OUT5EN Getting Started Hookups Connecting the deck to an amplifier Connect the amplifier to the LINE (ANALOG) IN/ OUT jacks using the audio connecting cords (supplied), making sure to match the color-coded cords to the appropriate jacks on the components: red (right) to red and white (left) to white. Be sure to make connections firmly to prevent hum and noise. ççççç: Signal flow Connecting the deck to a digital component such as a CD player, DAT deck, digital amplifier, or another MD deck Connect the component through the DIGITAL OPTICAL IN/OUT or DIGITAL COAXIAL IN/OUT connectors with two (or three) optical cables (only one supplied) and/or two coaxial digital connecting cables (not supplied). When using the optical cables Take the caps off the connectors and then insert the plugs parallelly until they click into place. Be sure not to bend or tie together the optical cables. You can connect the optical cable to either OPTICAL IN1 or IN2 ççççç: Signal flow MD deckAmplifier When using the coaxial digital connecting cable ççççç: Signal flow zIf “Din Unlock” and “C71” appear in the display Make sure the optical cable or the coaxial digital connecting cable is connected...

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