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ng the speaker volume”, on page 19. If you have connected surround speakers, be sure to press the DVD/MULTI CH button and turn off sound field on the receiver before outputting a test tone so that the tone is output individually from the left and right surround speakers. If no sound is heard from a speaker while outputting a test tone or a test tone is output from a speaker other than the one whose name is currently displayed on the receiver, the speaker may be short-circuited. If this happens, check the speaker connection again. FRONT SPEAKERS – RL + – FRONT SPEAKERS RL + Active woofer Note Do not connect any other component. If your TV monitor uses separate speakers You can connect one of them to the SPEAKERS CENTER terminals for use with Dolby Pro Logic Surround sound (see page 18). Where do I go next? To complete your system, go to “AC Hookups” on this page. AC Hookups Connecting the mains lead Connect the mains lead from this receiver and from your audio/video components to a wall outlet. Where do I go next? Before you use thereceiver, go to the next section to make sure that all the controls are set to the appropriate positions.9GB Getting Started Storing FM Stations Automatically in Alphabetical Order (“Auto-betical”) With “Auto-betical select” you can automatically store up to 30 FM and FM RDS stations in alphabetical order without redundancy. Additionally, “Auto-betical select” only stores the stations with the clearest signals. If you want to store FM or AM (MW) stations one by one, see “Presetting Radio Stations” on page 13. FM RDS stations are stored first, in alphabetical order by their Station Name, followed by regular FM stations in order of frequency. (For more details on RDS, see page 14.) 1Press ?/1...

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