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Rear remote control detector (SIRCS receiver) qs AC IN socket Connects the supplied AC power cord. Rear/Right Side/Bottom Location and Function of Controls 9 8 0 3 4 5 6 7 21 qk ql qd qg qj qa 6 qs qf qh w;9 (GB) qd Security lock Connects to an optional security cable (Kensington’s). The security lock corresponds to Kensington’s MicroSaver Security System. If you have any comment, contact Kensington 2853 Campus Drive, San Mates, CA 94403 U.S.A. Tel: 800-535-4242: extension 3348 Home page address: qf 75W termination switch (bottom) Normally set to ON. Set it to OFF when the projector is connected to a computer or a monitor. qg Connector panel For details, see page 11 (GB). qh Lamp cover (bottom) qj Adjuster button qk Right speaker ql Ventilation holes (intake)/air filter cover Notes •Do not place anything near the ventilation holes as it may cause internal heat build-up. •Do not place your hand or objects near the ventilation holes — the air coming out is hot. w; Air filter cover button Used to remove the air filter cover. For details, see “Cleaning the Air Filter” on page 25 (GB). Adjuster button How to use the adjuster To adjust the height Adjust the height of the projector as follows: 1Lift the projector and press the adjuster button. The adjuster will extend from the projector. 2While pressing the button, lower the projector. Then, release the button. Note The adjuster has 5 settings. After releasing the adjuster button, the height will be locked at next level. Location and Function of Controls10 (GB) Location and Function of Controls Control panel 1 I / 1 (on / standby) key Turns on and off the projector when the projector is in the standby mode. The ON/STANDBY indicator...

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