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n these installations, the door and cabinet can cause a pinching hazard. Note: The maximum depth of over head cabinets installed on either side of the hood is 13" (330 mm). A 36-inch minimum clearance is required between the top of the cooking surface and the bottom of an unprotected cabinet. A 30-inch clearance can be used when the bottom of the wood or metal cabinet is protected by not less than 1/4 inch of a flame retardant material covered with not less than No. 28 MSG sheet steel, 0.015 inch (0.4 mm) thick stainless steel, 0.024 inch (0.6 mm) aluminum, or 0.020 inch (0.5 mm) thick copper. Flame retardant materials bear the mark: UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. CLASSIFIED MINERAL AND FIBER BOARDS SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS Followed by the flame spread and smoke ratings. These designations are shown as “FHC (FIame Spread/Smoke Developed)”. Materials with “O” flame spread ratings are flame retardant. Local codes may allow other flame spread ratings. 4.Any openings in the wall behind the range and in the floor under the range must be sealed. 5.When there is less than a 12" horizontal clearance between combustible material ? and the back edge of the range above the cooking surface, a Thermador Low Back or Pot and Pan Shelf must be installed. (See Figure 2). When clearance to combustible material ? is over 12", a Thermador Flush Island Trim may be used. Figure 2 indicates the space required for each type of backguard. 6.Always keep appliance area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids. 7.Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air to the unit. 8.A 5 inch minimum clearance is needed when the range is installed beside a combusti...

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