Notice CALIBER Venom CA 200V4

Notice CALIBER Venom CA 200V4

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CALIBER Venom CA 200V4

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« d- and Shortcircuit protection. •Excellent muting circuitry assures no turn on/off ‘pops’. •Built-in adjustable HighPass/LowPass Filter. •Balanced inputs to shunt any input noise •Large power supply connectors for optimal power distribution. •European design and engineering. •Superb Sonic Performance for your ‘Dream Machine’on wheels. •Years and years of acoustic pleasure. MOUNTING The amplifier has to have at least 5cm (2”) ventilation space at all sides,to allow the heat to rise away from the amplifier.Be sure that the power and signal cables can enter and leave the amplifier in a straight line,to avoid the risk of malfunction.Always place the power- and signalcables at opposite sides of the vehicle to reduce any noises. The amplifier should be protected from exposure to moisture and direct sunlight. Mark the mounting surface using the amplifier as a template,then drill 2.5mm (1/8”) diameter holes at the marked locations and mount the amplifier using the supplied self-tapping screws. INSTALLATION Remember to always disconnect battery ground before working on a vehicle’s electrical system! Always place a fuse or circuit breaker no more than 30cm (12”) from the battery,no greather than the fuse(s) of your amplifier for optimal protection. GETTING YOUR POWER STARTED •First,the +12V terminal is connected directly to the battery of your car.Use a cable of at least 20mm2 ,and make sure that the connectors are of the same value. -Don’t forget the extra “Vehicle protection”fuse. -The 12V +terminal should NOT be connected to the car fuse box. •Second,the ground terminal (GND) must be fastened securely to the chassis of the vehicle with the same gauge cable as the positive cable (the same amount of power has to run through it).Ensure that all paint,undercoating or any other insulation is removed from the area where you want to make your ground connection to. •Third,the last cable to connect is your remote turn-on (REM).Many radio-cassette and CD-players have an output terminal for connection of the REM of an amplifier.If you don’t have such an output, a separate switch must be installed to control your amplifiers on/off function. CA 200V4 Manual 30-11-2004 12:05 Pagina 2ENGLISH 3 SIGNAL INPUT •The RCA’s to your left are the ‘Line-in’terminals and are to be connected with your radio/cassette or CD player. • Each Caliber amplifier offers you the possibility to connect a second (or more) amplifier(s) to your system via the “Signal-out”terminals.The advantage of two amplifiers is that one amplifier can be used for normal stereo,while the other is used as a subwoofer amplifier. •All Caliber amplifiers have a variable input level adjustment.It allows you to match any signal source (CD player,AM/FM cassettedeck,etc) correctly from its pre-amp output into your Caliber amplifier. The adjustment ranges from 15V - 500mV(0.5V). •The Caliber Venom amplifiers feature a built-in variable crossover which allows you to fine-tune your amplifiers response as you like it.Either for the Full Range sound,in which case the HPF-OFF- LPF switch remains in its OFF position,or you can specifically select the High-Pass-Filter (HPF) or Low-Pass-Filter (LPF) to adjust to your speakers requirements.The built-in variable crossover can be adjusted in a range from 50Hz - 250Hz. SPEAKER OUTPUT •All the Caliber Venom amplifiers have a Stereo/Bridgeable Tri-Mode speaker output terminal.The amplifier has its own stereo/bridge sw... »

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