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Notice KENWOOD BL745

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« ore fitting or removing parts after use before cleaning. Keep hands and utensils out of the blender when it’s on the power unit. Don’t touch the sharp blades. Don’t let children or infirm people use the machine unsupervised. Never use a damaged machine. Get it checked or repaired: see ‘service’. Never use an unauthorised attachment. Never leave the machine on unattended. Don’t let children play with the machine. When removing the blender from the power unit: wait until the blades have completely stopped; don’t accidentally unscrew the goblet from the blade unit. Never run the blender empty. Only use the machine for its intended domestic use. Always unplug your blender when not in use. Only operate the blender with the lid in place. before plugging in Make sure your electricity supply is the same as the one shown on the underside of the machine. This machine complies with European Economic Community Directive 89/336/EEC. before using for the first time 1Remove all packaging. 2Wash the parts: see ‘cleaning’. key blender filler cap dual action locking lid lid seal glass goblet sealing ring blade unit base pulse control speed control power unit cord storage to use your blender 1Fit the sealing ring - ensuring the seal is fully located under the rim of the blade unit. Leaking will occur if the seal is damaged or not fitted correctly. 2Clip the blade unit into the base. 3Screw the goblet onto the blade unit. 4Put your ingredients into the goblet. 5Push the lid seal onto the underside of the lid. 6Fit and lock the filler cap in the lid, by turning one position. 7Fit the lid to the goblet and turn the filler cap to to lock. 2 EnglishThe filler cap can be located in 3 different positions (see A) - filler cap removable for adding ingredients to the goblet. - lid unlocked/filler cap locked to the lid for fitting and removing the lid. - lid locked. 8Place the blender onto the power unit. 9Plug in and the off switch “0” will light up. 10Select a speed and the relevant number will light up. 3 recommended speed chart speedusage/food itemsmax. quantity 1 - 2Frothing milk500ml Light mixes e.g. batters, milkshakes, scrambled egg1 litre 3 - 4Soups1.3 litres Thicker mixes e.g. sauces, pâtés Mayonnaise3 eggs + 450ml oil Smoothie drinks Place the fresh fruit and liquid ingredients in 800ml liquid first (includes yoghurt, milk and fruit juices) Then add ice or frozen ingredients (includes frozen fruit, ice or ice cream) 5Ice crushing6 cubes Automatic pulsing action (P)Operates the motor in a start/stop action. The pulsemotor keeps running for as long as the button is pushed in, this allows you to control the texture of various foods e.g. Pâtés Important To ensure long life of your blender, never run it for longer than 60 seconds. Switch off as soon as you’ve got the right consistency. Don’t process spices – they may damage the plastic. The machine won’t work if the blender is fitted incorrectly. Don’t put dry ingredients into the blender before switching on. If necessary, cut them into pieces; remove the filler cap; then, with the machine running, drop them through one by one. Keep your hand over the opening. Empty regularly. Don’t use the blender as a storage container. Keep it empty before and after use. Never blend more than 1.3 litres or more than 1 litre for frothy liquids like milkshakes. S... »

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