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« CH 10 INHALT DANSK 12 INDHOLDSFORTEGNELSE EESTI 14 SISUKORD ESPAÑOL 16 ÍNDICE SUOMI 18 SISÄLLYSLUETTELO FRANÇAIS 20 CONTENU E??HNIKA 22 ??????????? HRVATSKY 24 SADRŽAJ MAGYAR 26 TARTALOMJEGYZÉK ITALIANO 28 INDICE LIETUVIU 30 TURINYS LATVIEŠU 32 SATURS NEDERLANDS 34 INHOUD NORSK 36 INNHOLD POLSKI 38 SPIS TRESCI PORTUGUÊS 40 ÍNDICE P?CCK?? 42 ?????????? 44 SVENSKA 46 INNEHÅLL SLOVENŠCINA 48 VSEBINA SLOVENCINA 50 OBSAH TÜRKÇE 52 IÇINDEKILER HA120E4 HA120E COMPONENTS Fig. 1Fig. 2 CONTROL PANEL5 HA120E Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 6 Fig. 5 INSTRUCTIONSENGLISH IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Before using this appliance, read through all the instruc- tions and only use accordingly. 2. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (includ- ing children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concern- ing use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. 3. If the supply cord is damaged, the manufacturer, their service agent or a similarly qualified person should replace it to avoid a hazard. 4. This appliance requires regular cleaning. Refer to the CLEANING instructions provided. 5. Do not expose the air purifier to rain, or use near water, in a bathroom, laundry area or other damp location. 6. The air purifier must be used in an upright position. 7. Do not allow foreign objects to enter air inlet or outlet grilles as this may cause electric shock or damage to the air purifier. COMPONENTS See page 4. 1. air outlet grille 2. control panel 3. air inlet grille 4. pre-filter 5. purification filter (2) CONTROL PANEL See page 4. 6. on / off switch 7. oscillation switch 8. filter cleaning indicator 6 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS See pages 4- 5. Place the unit on a flat level surface and position 1 metre from walls or furniture. Plug the unit in and press the power button (6 - Fig. 1). The unit will start at medium speed and then change to the low speed. To select the different cleaning speeds press the power button again. Oscillation To turn Oscillation on, press the Oscillation button ( 7 - Fig. 1). To turn Oscillation off, press the button again. Filter cleaning light When the filter needs to be cleaned, the filter cleaning light (8 - Fig. 1) will illuminate. It will remain illuminated until it is RESET. This feature operates based on the number of hours of use. In general the filter needs to be cleaned once a month. After cleaning the filter the filter cleaning light needs to be re-set.7 With the unit on, insert the tip of a ball-point pen for 5 seconds as shown in Fig. 2. These cleaning intervals are intended as guidelines only. Filter removal Turn-off and unplug the unit. While pressing on the tab at the top of the rear grille, pull the grille towards you and remove it. Gently ease out the two purification filters by pulling on the ribbed surface on the top of each filter frame and lift out. To install the filters, engage the bottom end first on its locating tab, then tilt in and press the top end home. Place the bottom tab of the back grill in the recess at the bottom of the unit, and tilt forward so that the top tab of the filter grill snaps into place. See Fig. 3. CLEANING Alw... »

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